Smart Traffic Technology

PRE has been working on building a new traffic control algorithm for the last 2 years. This algorithm was built based on distributed control scheme, which offers us a more efficient traffic control, yet more powerful in controlling the congestion. This algorithm has been successfully implemented inside the microscopic traffic simulator environment based on real network data. We are also developing a new traffic network performance evaluation through the use of Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram principle. By collecting traffic network for some time period, we could form a Big Data consist of various traffic condition, allowing us to study several traffic network profile pattern and behavior. This information could help us to provide the government recommendation for the traffic management, traffic policies, or infrastructure improvements.

Key Features

Adaptive traffic control based on real-time traffic measurement

Large scale network control

Traffic corrdination between intersection

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is a concept of transportation system where autonomous traffic control scheme integrated with smart data analysis is implemented to provide a better and more efficient traffic management system for people. Through ITS, we could provide a more comprehensive urban development recommendation for government through the implementation of real time traffic data analysis. By developing ATCS and RMS, we could open the path to enter the ITS world.

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