One of the common buzzword in the present technology is XR, which can be Cross Reality, while the majority call it Extended Reality. But all in all, the concept of XR is related to a variety of theories about virtuality, computer vision, machine learning, and the increasingly collaborative relationship between human and machine. XR envisions a more complex relationship in which virtuality actualizes real effects to the extent that our perception of virtual objects becomes fully real. This XR then includes all its descriptive forms like the Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR).

XR Technology Application

PRE interest on developing this vision immersive technology. Currently, we are developing a software for head-mounted display (HMD) which focus on:

Smart Guidance

This feature will support the user using AR-based device to generate instructions on the target object.

Remote Assistance

Enable user to do hands-free interaction with their colleague for any kind of purposes while doing their job.

Performance Recorder

Our device can support auto-recording while user doing his/her job. This enable the management to assess their performance.

Virtual Training

The immersive environment on VR technology will improve user experience on the training courses.

Our Signature

  • Mobile AR Custom Baby Bedding Set
  • Virtual Room Display for Architect

Partnering with: Baby Loop

The growing needs from the client of Baby Loop to create a customizable product for their baby bedding set has opened up an opportunity for our cooperation on developing a specific mobile application. This application will help the client to personally customize their own bedding set which later the order of their design will be send to Baby Loop customer service to be followed up.

To complement this application, we utilize Augmented Reality (AR) technology, with expectations that AR will enhance the client impression on the real product and give them a glimpse of what the real product will looks like on their room. The status of this project is finished, this apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store with keyword "Baby Loop AR+".

This project is currently on design phase. We will update for more information later.

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