PRE as a research company that constantly aiming for developing a better intelligent infrastructure realize of how important and promising is the so called “Big Data Technology”.

Where the emergence of this Big Data Technology (big data, data science and data analytic) has opened a broader possibilities on cost efficiently large scale data processing in a batch or even real-time.

From analyzing this “Big Data”, we can harvest a more complete solution from a certain issue and perhaps a new insight within it. Here are some areas of interest that currently been studied by PRE:

Big Data Infographic (PRE)

Our Topics

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for Vehicle Related Business​

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is a comprehensive
transportation management and service system, which aims to provide innovative services relating to transportation management. When integrated into the transportation system’s infrastructure and vehicles, these technologies could relieve congestion, improve safety, and enhance productivity. The adoption of ITS is expected to increase in application such as fleet monitoring, security, asset management, route optimization, data collection and operational efficiency.

Strategic Network Design for Supply Chain Management (SCM)

For a business with numerous activities, products and
markets, it is vital to plan the total supply chain network. The key issue is to determine the optimal network design using geographical information and
long-term supply, demand, prices and costs. Actually, there are much more related variables such as: time-dependent inventories, incorporation of
participated logistic, taxation policies, etc. Hence, the prospect of the future research that utilize big data analytic on supply chain management is promising.

Large Scale Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Using Fiber Optic​

This technology can be ideal for the constructions sector which directly improving current structural monitoring systems or being applied as a stand-alone real-time monitoring technology, which deliver a great deal of data that later used for analyzing the structural health condition. The concept of operation of fiber optics, as monitoring technologies, relies on the light intensity inside the fiber that decreases in cases when the fiber is stretched or compressed. Future research will enable the provision of more robust and cost-effective.

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