The vision of PRE is developing intelligent infrastructure to support oil and gas industry by providing improved operational efficiency and reduced costs. Advances in control and automation of the whole drilling and completion process will dramatically change the workload on the driller and increase drilling operation performance.

The decline of Indonesia oil reserves drive us to research and develop new method for hydrocarbon exploration. We focused in seismic method, to get subsurface geological structure and locate underground oil, gas, or other resources by extracting information from elastic waves that propagates through it.

As a research and technology based company, we understand that the management in information will contribute for a more efficient way to conduct businesses especially on petroleum industry. We believe on the further understanding and leveraging information data in petroleum industry especially on the upstream segment can bring many valuable insight. Here we focus on enhancing information technology as a solution onto the industry.

As technology improves rapidly, industrial processes also step forward into a more efficient and reliable scheme, through the implementation of Industry 4.0 concept. We have a big vision to create a world full of autonomous technology, by developing the intelligent systems for many kind of use. We have developed the intelligent system for seismic technology, drilling technology, and even traffic control in order to make our vision becomes reality.

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