PT Pusat Riset Energi (PT. PRE) originated and operate in Bandung, Indonesia.

The constantly thriving corporation specializes in creating highly developed technological solutions for energy industries from upstream to downstream process. In upstream process, PRE is developing an intelligent drilling leads to autonomous drilling and a scalable deep learning platform of big data technologies mainly to facilitate the work of geophysicists in interpreting and analyzing large volumes of seismic data with a scalable performance. The upstream project is aimed at mastering intelligent drilling technologies that can support the nation’s exploitation of oil and gas energy. In downstream process, PRE is focusing on the advanced automation that can significantly the reduce energy use in all areas of a refinery including process units, offsite units, and utilities.

Aiming to provide a better intelligent infrastructure of energy in a constantly evolving global ecosystem, both for local and international partnerships.
PT. PRE cooperates with a number of research center, universities and companies from all around the globe, actively participating in the evolution of global innovation.

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